Christian Weddings

Christian Weddings in Thailand. You do not find many Christian weddings in Thailand and they are a rare sight. Over the last 10 years one now notices small Catholic churches. Even in some of the remote areas of Issaan which you would not normally have found before as there are only about 1% Christians in the country. There are also a number of well-known Christian schools in Bangkok. If you are getting married in Thailand with a tradition Christian wedding. Then you need to firstly find a Catholic church in Thailand that will perform the ceremony.

Christian Weddings

Christian WeddingsRoman Catholic Wedding:

Many Western get married in Thailand with other Westerners and they usually pick the tourist spots in Thailand where you will find a Catholic church. Pattaya is not very common but Hua Hin and Phuket are normally good locations for these wedding ceremonies mainly for the photo opportunities which they offer. When you drive through Bangkok you will note how many wedding gown stores you find or photo shops offering a photographic service even if both parties are Thai and Buddhist.

The wedding garments for Christian weddings have become very popular with the middle class. Once you contact the diocese where you will be getting married you need to arrange a date for the wedding and you will also need your Baptismal Certificates. Much like other Western marriages you will have a wedding mass with 3 biblical readings and then your exchange of vows. Likewise see also the Thailand Living Will.

Protestant Weddings:

There are a number of protestant churches in Thailand. You would need to find what their requirements would be for a wedding ceremony. Now being Thailand you need to do this a few months before the time as protestant churches are not very common. Their scheduling is always very heavy. Normally after you have been able to get the marriage scheduled. You need to arrange a time for marriage counseling before the ceremony takes place. Most protestant churches in Thailand would expect this to occur before a wedding. You will then proceed to have a wedding in Thailand much as you would have in the West from here.

Marriage in Thailand:

If you are a foreigner getting married in Thailand. This could be to a Thai national or another foreigner, you will need to have your Letter of Affirmation from your local embassy. This to state that you are able to get married. If you are divorced or widowed then you need to have certified copies of the divorce decree. Also a copy of a death certificate if you former partner had died. This is normally an overnight process at the Embassy in Bangkok. But some do turn it into a 5 day process. These documents you will need when you register your wedding in Thailand at the local District Office in Thailand. Compare the process to that of a Muslim marriage in Thailand.