Gay Marriage in Thailand

Gay marriages are not permitted so Thai marriage registration is not possible, not even in any Asian country as yet however Thailand and Vietnam are moving in this direction. In 2013 the Thai government was looking at legalising same-sex unions or gay marriages in the Kingdom. The laws have not been written as yet. However there is a proposition moving through the Thai parliament in this regard. The concept in Thailand is not exactly alien. This as Thai’s have a high level of tolerance for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender couples.

Gay Marriage in Thailand

Gay Marriage in Thailand

The Thai government took a poll before from the Thai public and 60% opposed the proposition but polls in Thailand have never been a good way to judge the Thai opinion in the past. The proposal however is not to do what the US government has done and try to redefine the definition of marriage but to create a civil union that would share the same rights as a marriage when it comes to issues such as inheritance and child care. The question now is what the chances for success are.

Legal Changes in Thailand

It was Wiratana Kalayasiri, a Democrat from Songkhla and Chairman of Legal Justice Human Right committee who stated. That most Thai politicians are old and conservative and that to pass this into law would need 251 parliamentarians to sign the bill. There are also issues with regards to the proposed bill not being on the same footing as it limits the age of the parties in this civil union. In a straight marriage the age of consent is 17 while in a same-sex union the age will be 20 years of age.

Changes in Asian

This has already had many activists crying foul. There is also a proposal that they would have to identify themselves as male or female. Some see this as not being gender neutral. However one can understand why this has been added as its ramifications are huge within Thai law. This where the definition or identification between male and female become paramount as part of the law.

Vietnam however has made much headway with regards to gay marriage in Asia. They would more likely than not be the first country in Asia to allow same-sex unions.

The British government has for many years allowed same-sex unions. You can apply for a British partner visa for the UK. These visas can be applied for in Thailand and issued. You simply need to ensure that all the paperwork is correct. If you need to visa for your same-sex partner in Thailand. Then contact an immigration lawyer in Thailand for assistance in this regard. Even though you cannot get married in Thailand. This does not stop you from taking your partner back to your home country.