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Marriage in Thailand for Indians

Marriage in Thailand for Indians can be difficult. For those Indian passport holders who want to get married in Thailand with a Thai or non-Thai citizen, you would need to obtain a document from the Indian Embassy in Thailand in order to proceed with the marriage registration. The Indian Embassy in Thailand are not authorized to carry out marriages or any translation services. Thus, it is best to have someone assist you for the entire process from translations, legalisation and registration.

Marriage in Thailand for Indians

Thai authorities require Indian nationals who plan on getting married in Thailand to obtain an Affirmation of Freedom to Marry. With this, you need the following to present at VFS India, so embassy could issue you your document:

  1. Get single certificate from India stamped by the Ministry in India
  2. Provide 2 witnesses from India, should be friends only, with Government issued identification, or passport
  3. Passport copy of your fiancé/e
  4. Proof of residence of your fiancé/e
  5. Proof of Income and bank statements stamped by Ministry in India

Cost at embassy is 990 THB for the affirmation and around 500 THB for passport certification.

Marriage in Thailand for IndiansThe VFS India is responsible for such request for the process and at the embassy takes 7-10 working days before issuance. It is required for you to apply for a Thai tourist visa good for 60 days from India before coming to Thailand for your marriage registration.

The consular official from the Indian Embassy evaluates your documents and signs it. The embassy will require additional documents, whichever is applicable. Once the affirmation is obtained from the embassy, it has to be translated into Thai language and legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Once paperwork completed, you need to go to the nearest local district office where you intend to register the marriage. A religious ceremony on its own is not recognized as a valid marriage under Thai law. A marriage under the Thai civil code must be performed for legalities at the district office or the “Amphur”.

It is advised that you go with someone who can speak, understand and read Thai for a smooth process. And make sure that all required documents and translations are complete, as well as the legalization at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Once the marriage registration is completed, both will be given a copy of their Marriage Certificate and Marriage Addendum in Thai language. These documents are signed by the district official for authenticity. These then must be translated and legalized to make the document usable for legal transactions in your home country.


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