Muslim Marriages in Thailand

Consider Muslim marriages in Thailand now. Salam aleykum. Thai Islamic marriages are becoming more common in Thailand than before as more Muslims from the Southern parts of Thailand get married to nationals from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. This is become more common in Bangkok. The Muslim conversion ceremony can be completed in Thailand if the one party is not Muslim and after the traditional rites many tend to have a non-Islamic celebration in Thailand with a party on a beach or other special events they have planned for the celebration.

Muslim Marriages in Thailand

Muslim Marriages in Thailand

The Islamic tradition is that a Muslim wedding can only take place when both parties are Muslims. If the one party is not Muslim then they need to convert. Some law firms in Thailand can arrange for an Islamic conversion with the traditional Islamic rites afterwards. You would normally have to call the National Islamic Center in Bangkok for an appointment but a lawyer can do all of this for you.

Islamic Marriage Requirements

The requirements for the marriage include the following:

  1. Passport
  2. Divorce certificate (if any)
  3. Photos (1.5×1.5, 6pcs)

This conversion needs to be done by an Imam in Thailand if your Thai fiancée is not a Muslim. The process is very easy to arrange in Bangkok or Phuket. The process is where your fiancée has to affirm that she or he believes in one God through the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed. If both of you are Muslim then your fiancée would only need a letter from her family. This which has to be given to the Imam at the Mosque for the marriage to commence.

If you are not a Thai national then you will need to obtain an Affirmation of Marriage from your Embassy in Thailand to confirm that you can get legally married. Note that if you are from Kuwait, Bahrain or Malaysia. Then there is additional information that the Embassy will require before they issue the letter.

You will need this affirmation and also your Islamic marriage certificate to register your marriage at the local Amphur Office in Thailand. See the page on marriage registration in Thailand on this website. There are a number of options for you after the wedding ceremony as Thailand has much to offer. From high end hotels to other tourist attractions where you can celebrate your wedding.