Phuket Weddings in Thailand! Phuket Island located in the Gulf of Thailand offers a number of options for a wedding venue. This can be a wedding ceremony on the beach or a chapel built over a lake. Phuket also offers great resort hotels and some of the best beaches in Thailand. With many activities for your honeymoon such as elephant riding and scuba diving, Phuket makes for an excellent location. There are a number of resorts which offer wedding packages as well as photographic services and spectacular venues for you wedding.

Phuket Weddings

Phuket Weddings

Laguna Phuket Resort

The Laguna Resort is a well-known resort in Phuket and caters to weddings. They offer a number of packages for both local and foreigners. The Laguna Resort offers what they call the Chapel-On-The-Lagoon where the wedding chapel is built on stilts over a lagoon in Phuket. The sides of their chapel is all glass overlooking the lagoon. This caters for a Western style wedding which is very popular in Thailand even amongst Buddhists. If you really want to be fancy they will also offer a vessel to sail you to the chapel at extra cost. It’s a very unique setup for a wedding venue.

Katathani Beach Resort

If a wedding venue over a lagoon does not do it for you then there is also the Katathani Beach Resort. This resort offers you a wedding on the pristine beaches of Phuket. They offer a number of options for your wedding such as a wedding reception on the beach with the Gulf of Thailand in the background or a bordered dinning venue for your wedding party. Either way the views from the guests tables is something you would want in your wedding album. They cater for weddings with up to 80 guests. Likewise also see the Thai Wedding Door Ceremony.

Cloud 19 Beach Retreat

Cloud 19 Beach Retreat offers two types of weddings. They offer a Western Wedding and also the Thai Traditional Wedding. This all done in good taste and according to your budget. With a spa and all other modern amenities all tastefully decorated the package they offer comes well within most people’s budgets. There is nothing better than having a moonlight dinner on a beach after your wedding nuptials. Like most wedding planners in Thailand you need to plan early as Phuket. This makes for an excellent backdrop to any wedding in Thailand.

You will note that the ceremonies which are offered by wedding planners are not legally binding and you have to still register your marriage after the ceremony. You can register your marriage in your home country or register you marriage in Thailand. This with a Thai marriage certificate as an added memento to your wedding in the Gulf of Thailand. Note that the marriage certificate issued in Thailand is legally binding in your home country. If you have any questions about this then speak to an attorney in Thailand for more information.

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