Thai Marriage process for Sri Lankan

The Thai marriage process for Sri Lankan in Thailand. This article is specifically for Sri Lankan passport holders who are currently living and working in Thailand who wish to marry in Thailand. Marriage in Thailand may seem an easy process, but before planning your travel, you may have to prepare some documents from your country which will be required by your embassy in Thailand.

Thai Marriage process for Sri Lankan

Requirements for Sri Lanka Embassy in Thailand:

  • Original passport
  • Sri Lanka ID card. / Copy of Sri Lanka ID card.
  • Passport (original) / Copy of passport. / Visa page
  • Letter from your employer stating your current position and your monthly income.
  • Work permits (original) / Copy work permits / Copy Page updating work permits if employed in Thailand
  • List of two reference person from Sri Lanka with their addresses
  • Copy of passport and Visa page / address in Sri Lanka / Telephone Number (Embassy can contact) from two witness
  • Service charge 1,650.00 Baht (Fees may differ on date of request)

Thai Marriage process for Sri LankanPrior to registering your marriage in Thailand, the first step is to fill out an Application of Affidavit at the embassy, this must be certified by the embassy together with your passport which has to be certified as well. Must only be applied for in person. A standard template provided by the embassy should be used, and every detail should be filled out without erasures. The document will be evaluated and signed by the consular official at the embassy. When you have completed the process and have obtained the signed documents, you should then have it translated into Thai language and have it legalized at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The marriage itself is performed at the local district office or the Amphur, some district requires appointment beforehand and some accepts walk-in marriages. All documents obtained from the Embassy must be submitted to the Amphur to have your marriage registered officially. A translator and witnesses will be required. a Thai marriage certificate will be issued in 2 sets.

Requirements to register a marriage in Thailand:

  • Your Passport
  • Affirmation/ Affidavit of Freedom to Marry; Passport certification, original with certified translation and legalization
  • Foreigner’s divorce document if applicable
  • Fiancé/e’s Thai National ID; House Registration Card (Tabien Baan);
  • change name/ surname certificate if applicable; divorce document if applicable
  • Two witnesses

Although the process of marriage registration can be done by yourself, it is still advised to seek assistance of a specialist to help you with the entire process.

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