Thai Marriage Registration for Pakistans

This is Thai Marriage Registration for Pakistanis in Thailand. If it is an Islamic marriage then speak to GAM Legal Alliance in Bangkok for more information about an Islamic wedding in Thailand. Tourism is on of Thailand’s advantage, many foreign tourists come and visit Thailand every day and looking into getting married which makes relationships among foreign and Thai increase in number. Marriage in Thailand has also become more affordable compared to other countries, and process has become straight forward compared to others, which made Thailand as a choice for marriage destination.

Thai Marriage Registration for Pakistanis

Thai Marriage Registration for PakistansYou may also see Islamic marriage in Thailand. But not all process is considered as simple and of less hassle. There are specific nationalities that require different requirements which has to be obtained prior coming.Note that you will need a letter of affirmation before you can get married.

Among these, are for Pakistan passport holders. You should prepare these requirements before setting off:

  • Unmarried certificate from Pakistan stamped by the Ministry of Foreign affairs in Pakistan and by the Thai embassy in Pakistan;
  • Affirmation of Freedom to Marry from your country’s embassy in Bangkok;
  • And Passport certification from your country’s embassy in Bangkok;
  •  Copy of the Divorce or Death Certificate of previous spouse, if applicable

Your Thai fiancée will be required to present the following for marriage:

  • Thai National ID card;
  • House Registration Certificate;
  • Change name/ surname certificates, if applicable;
  • Copy of the Divorce or Death Certificate of previous spouse, if applicable

Below are the steps for Marriage Registration in Thailand:

  • It starts from obtaining an Affirmation of Freedom to Marry and passport certification from the Pakistan Embassy in Thailand.

It is very important that the specific documents listed above must be provided prior arrival to avoid delays.

  • Once documents released by the Pakistan embassy in Thailand, translation of these documents to Thai language must be done.
  • Submission for legalization of the translated documents at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It is necessary that all translated documents should be legalized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to proceed with marriage registration. At certain times, the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, requires an interview before the submission or release of documents for thorough evaluation.

  • After legalization process, the registration at the district office or “Amphur” can take place.

You should make sure to bring all necessary documents to the district office  where you submit all the paperwork. Be mindful that translator and witnesses are required in order to proceed with marriage. The district officer will then approve and sign all your documents, as well as your witnesses and will be issued a Thai marriage certificate after.

  • Last part is to have these marriage documents translated to English language and legalized at the Thai Ministry of foreign Affairs to be used abroad.

You can also find other issues which you might have in Thailand. One of these would be an Islamic marriage in Thailand as well as a good location for your wedding. These tend to be in Southern Thailand and there are many locations in Thailand for this. See also Islamic marriage in Thailand on this website.

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