Thai Marriage Registration for South Africans

Thai Marriage Registration for South Africans is easy. A foreign national can marry a Thai national, or another foreign in Thailand. The Kingdom has fascinated huge number of foreigners making it the place for their marriage destinations. The beautiful beaches and awesome environment have made it ideal for wedding ceremonies. It is very important to know the process on how to register their marriage in Thailand. Specific requirements must be obtained from South Africa before coming to Thailand.

Thai Marriage Registration for South Africans

As the first thing to do is to visit the Embassy of South Africa in Thailand, the following documents should be prepared before coming:

  • Original letter of no impediment which must be signed by Department of Home Affairs in Pretoria

*A letter of no impediment must be authenticated by DIRCO in Pretoria

  • and certified by Royal Thai Embassy in South Africa

First of is obtaining the completed affidavit to marry at the embassy of South Africa in Thailand. This document has its standards and shall state that you are single/ divorced and free to marry. If the foreigner is marrying a Thai national, it is required to provide a copy of the Thai National ID card and House Registration Document.

Thai Marriage Registration for South AfricansThe embassy of South Africa shall issue the document within the same day together with the certified copy of your passport page. You must then have these documents translated into Thai and certified at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Registration Process

Marriage registration in Thailand is registered at the local district office or Amphur. The process of registering the marriage, declaring it as legally binding. Is officiated by the district officer assigned at the district office where you have submitted your documents at. After the marriage registration, you will be issued a marriage certificate in Thai language. These documents must be translated into English language and submitted again to have it certified at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Please be also guided that when marrying divorced Thai woman certain conditions should be complied before she can remarry. If she has been divorced for less than 310 days, a letter from a qualified doctor stating that she is not pregnant will be required before the marriage registration takes place.

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