Thai Marriage Visa

Your Thai Marriage Visa is explained as follows below. Considering a Thai marriage visa when you have had your wedding ceremony? You now need to make your marriage legally binding. This is done by registering your marriage in Thailand at the Amphurs office in Thailand. Once this has been done you need to take your marriage certificate to a Thai embassy to apply for a marriage visa for Thailand. Most expats in Thailand who are married to a Thai national will go to one of the Thai embassies close to Thailand for their marriage visa. Each embassy has their own visa application process and also timeline.

Thai Marriage Visa

Thai Marriage Visa

If you are going to use the Thai Embassy in Laos then the visa is issued overnight if you have the correct documents as listed below. The Thai Embassy in Cambodia would normally be a 3-4 day wait for the marriage visa for Thailand.

You can email the embassy of your choice and ask them what you need to show and bring to the embassy for the visa. The basics are listed below:.

Thai Marriage Visa Application Documents:

  1. Application form
  2. Copy of your passport
  3. Copy of your marriage certificate (both versions)
  4. Also a Copy of your wife’s Thai ID card
  5. Copy of your wife’s Tabian Baan (House paper book)
  6. Also a Copy of your Thai bank book (Some embassies)
  7. Copy of your Thai children’s birth certificates (optional)

Those are the documents which would be needed by the Thai embassy when you apply for the visa at the embassy. Once you return to Thailand you have 90 days to extend the visa. You should extend the visa at least 30 days before it expires as the process takes 3-4 weeks to complete. Also you will need to have more documents for the extension outside of the documents listed below. You now also need the following for the extension of the visa to a 12 month marriage visa.

  1. Copy of a map to your apartment
  2. Also a Copy of photos of you and your wife together
  3. Copy of your Thai bank book showing 400,000THB or a monthly income of 40,000THB

These documents need to be added to the documents from the documents you handed in to the Embassy for the visa. All of these documents go to Thai immigration where it will be processed and the visa extended. You now need to do 90 day reporting and also need a re-entry permit to leave Thailand so that you visa is still valid when you return to Thailand. Speak to an immigration lawyer in Thailand for more information and assistance.