Thailand Living Will

Consider a Thailand Living Will. Thai doctors try not to talk about the possibility of death, as most are reluctant to giving a straight answer. If the person’s condition is believed to be terminal, the best question to ask a Thai doctor is the “5 year survival rate” for your condition. The nature of Thai culture is to continue treatment until a person actually dies, and could even extend to what most western people considers as extreme treatment.

Thailand Living Will

The Thai Living Will gives an individual or the relatives the right to determine which measures should and should not be taken to prolong his or her life – once the individual has become incapacitated. consider these when you get married in Thailand be that a Muslim marriage or retirement in Thailand.

The Living Will in Thailand should be drafted as soon as possible. Statistics states that almost 70% of people do not die because of cancer, but something else. Such as disease, accidents and violent acts – which are unpredictable and could happen to any of us anytime. Resulting to long periods of being unconscious and inability to direct your own medical treatment. The living will should be completed while the individual is in a sound state of mind and body. Else this will not be approved by Thai law if completed when a person is already considered incompetent.

Drafting a Will

It is also advisable to read the living will thoroughly. Make sure to consider what you would and would not wish to be done to prolong your life. And if already in an incommunicable state, one should see to it that his or her companion and/or relative understands what your choices of treatment methods are. Also, you should submit the completed copy of the Thai Living Will to the hospitals. This where you usually attend to, and that they should keep at least a couple of additional completed copies of the document together with your other important documents.

If an individual has executed and filed a living will with the same or another hospital. Removal of this file from their system should be requested and replaced with the new one included in your medical records. In general, even if you have previously submitted similar form. The new form would be the one that the hospital will be considering as your official document. Completed forms for the Thai living will is not required to be notarized. That said however, there are signature lines for you, your acquaintance or relative and two witnesses.