Thailand Marriage for Chinese

Thailand Marriage for Chinese can be very difficult. In Thailand, marriage between foreign and local, as well as foreign and foreign is acceptable. The process is straightforward given documents from respective embassies obtained. A document from their country’s embassy in Thailand, commonly called Affirmation of Freedom to Marry or an Affidavit must be released. Different countries have procedure in order to obtain this clearance to proceed with marriage.

Thailand Marriage for Chinese

In general, this document must have full details about the applicant, such as, passport details, birth date, parents‘ name, address, marital Thailand Marriage for Chinesestatus and witnesses.

Upon request of such document, the embassy issues this document in English language, and this should be translated into Thai language and legalized at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Marriage in Thailand can then be performed at the local district office nearest to you.

Thailand marriage is considered as legal binding under Thai laws. This marriage is also recognized all over the world. Thailand is considered to be one of the most convenient location for marriage. For Chinese passport holders, it is advised to contact your embassy in Thailand in order to issue you the Affirmation of Freedom to Marry, as well as certification of your passport. There are some restrictions, so best to speak with them first.

You also need to prepare the Personal Declaration, having 2 Chinese witnesses and 2 Thai witnesses. This on the form attaching their passports and Thai IDs to present at your embassy in Thailand.

Office of Passport and Consular Service of the Chinese Embassy
Address: 2nd Floor, AA Building, 55 Ratchadaphisek Soi3, Bangkok 10400
Tel: 0066-2-2450888 Fax: 0066-2-2457037

It is highly recommended to hire the services of a lawyer to assist you with the whole wedding process. Securing legal assistance is the best system to make sure that your marriage in Thailand is recognized, as well as in overseas, with assurance in compliance to Thai laws.

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